MCT Oil Reversed Alzheimer’s in 37 Days

Dr. Mary Newport watched her retired accountant husband succumb to Alzheimer’s. Drugs did not stop his condition worsening. He scored 14:30 on the MMSR test which indicates severe dementia, and an MRI showed damage and shrinkage in his brain lobes, with little short term memory.

Dr. Newport researched a new Alzheimer’s drug which claimed to improve the decease and found the main ingredient was MCT oil from coconuts.

She fed coconut oil to her husband who re-sat his MMSR test. The result was a 28% improvement to a score of 18 in one dose.

Within days he felt “the fog lifting from his brain”. MCT oil is stronger than coconut oil and floods the body with ketones. Within a month his memory was dramatically improved, his gait is normal and tremor has gone. He recognizes relatives, reads and can converse well. However the few days he missed his daily MCT dose he regressed only to recover as soon as the oil was resumed.

Dr. Newport found the best application was a 50:50 blend of coconut oil and MCT oil as this combination combined a short sharp boost of ketones with a larger sustained boost which lasted 24 hours.

Source: Frank Shallenberger