All vital life processes are tied to clean, energetic water.

Vitalizing Effect

 The device restructures water by creating a vortex and spinning it through magnetic fields. The water then passes through the LifeLight Ring(s) and other energizing technologies creating a matrix that regenerates and revitalizes. This process actually alters the molecular structure in the water causing higher oxygen, conductivity, electrons, and lifeforce. Negative and harmful vibrations left by contaminants in your tap, filtered or treated water are removed and healthful vibrations replace them, creating living water.

    By drinking living water, the cells in the body's systems, specifically, the nervous, cardiovascular and the gastrointestinal, become properly ordered to fulfill the functions of life. Drinking living water allows the utilization of nutrients from foods and supplements to become dramatically improved. Living water has increased oxygen levels, which assists in ridding the body of toxins and restoring the immune system.

    Vibrant Vital Water has been tested by alternative health care combines such as the Bio-Energetic Screening Team (B.E.S.T.), located in Seattle WA. B.E.S.T. specializes in Energy Medicine (EM) using diagnostic screening devices to measure the diverse electromagnetic frequencies emanating from the body which identify imbalances that may be the source of present ailments. The bioenergetic EM screening revealed that simply holding a container of Vibrant Vital Water aided in balancing the energy field and electromagnetic frequencies radiating from a person. This shows how vortex-energized water can be used to help stabilize the energy flow within the body to bring about better health.

 Other scientific research reveals that Vibrant Vital Water:

    • Raises the Zeta Potentials (Life Force)
    • Oxygenates and Energizes
    • Increases the amount of electrons
    • Lowers Oxidized Reduction Potential (ORP).
    • Raises the magnetic energies.
    • Neutralizes negative frequencies.
    • Adds positive vibrational frequencies.
    • Raises the pH factor in the body.


    Kirlian Photography tests utilizing a Tesla Coil, performed on numerous occasions by Berniece Falling Leaves of Tacoma, WA, show how the auric field of an individual is greatly enhanced after ingesting vortex-energized water ( Vibrant Vital Water).

Qualities of "Living" Water
    The first quality is the activity of water in the metabolic processes of life in all earth's entities. The second is its close connection with all rythmical processes in time and space. The third is the sensitivity of boundary surfaces, indicating that water is a cosmic sense organ of the earth.

     Water is a living organism! All organisms consist primarily of water, and water is the most essential element for all living processes. Water does not commit itself in any way. Chemically it is neutral and therefore has a multitude of possibilities for nearly all chemical changes.

    Wherever water flows, foaming and bubbling, or where it cascades and tumbles over stones, air is taken in and unites with it. Oxygen is of great importance for the natural purification of water and for all life within it. The moving, flowing water in a stream becomes living water. Currents, eddies and vortices that develop from the water flowing over rocks cause the water to pick up speed and spin or swirl. This spinning action causes vortexes to form. As water flows over gravel or stones in a river or creek, the volcanic processes by which stones were created cause them, over time, to align their electromagnetic energies in polarity with the North and South poles of the Earth. The water, in turn, structures itself according to Earth's electromagnetic field. The molecules re-align themselves and collect into large families, regenerating themselves. From this comes the extensive cleansing power of water.

Profiles of Dead Water
    Healthy spring water loses its vitality when put into holding tanks or ponds, or by pumping it through pipes into our homes, schools and business offices. Stagnant or still water becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms. Eradication of these pollutants by conventionally accepted methods of adding chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine create a new kind of poisoned water. The adverse health effects of fluoride, ( a toxic waste product from aluminum processing) and chlorine (may increase risk of cancer by 95% by drinking, inhalation or skin absorption) have been documented for years.

     The unaware public continues to drink poisoned water without anything effective being done about it. By drinking polluted water over a period of years, we build a base for sickness or diminished health. Many children born with conditions, such as asthma or allergies or who have developed ADD, are linked to poor quality municipal drinking water. Homeowners, service repair shops, doctors, beauticians all create sick or dead water by using contaminants such as pesticides or fungicides, detergents, binders, solvents, pharmaceuticals or petroleum products that leach into ground water.

  Wolfgang Ludwig, a physicist for the World Research Foundation, has formulated that water has a memory. Water possesses the ability to transfer and store information impressed on it previously and then redistribute it to another system.

    Contaminated water, such as we find in many wells today, can be purified chemically, but it still possesses electromagnetic oscillations in certain wave lengths that can be traced to the contaminants that were found in it, such as, pesticides, heavy metals, or bacteria. Even after filtration and chemical purification, it will still retain the electromagnetic frequency of whatever passed through it previously!

The "Vortexing" Influence
    Originally developed in Austria as a solution to damaged water, European countries have been using the principles of activated, or revitalized water, for many years with great success. And it's now available in the U.S.!

      "Vortexian energies are the Keys to Life", for they are mirrored inside every living being on the planet. Once we realize this, the whole notion of "mystery" simply falls away. Walk through a forest, see a stream and look at your reflections in the stream, every part of that experience on all levels, both visible and invisible, physical and spiritual is connected, for all of these are vortexian energy (a complexity of hyperdimensional physics). It is not a question of harnessing this energy, but of releasing it from its confines and working with it in harmony. Vortexian energy, particularly in the case of water, derives from sympathetic harmonies and the avoidance of disharmony, as in the flow of energy patterns that are created by water as it becomes cleansed by moving through the bowels of the earth.

      The vortexing of water (implosion) produces electricity and has been measured in lab tests. This is a complex interplay of "vibration", "direction", and "force", each of which is balanced both internally and externally. Humanity has lived for so long under the spell of reductive science that it now requires totally new ways of understanding and perceiving in order to come to terms with the existence and power of this energy. Through the whirling process, damaging frequencies can be erased. This leads to the conclusion that higher frequencies created by the vortex have the ability to erase the lower vibrations instilled by past occupants. Patrick Flannagan recorded a charge of more than 10.000 millivolts across the Vorical throat of the vortex when the water was swirling at approximately 1.000 revolutions per minute!

The "Magnetic" Influence
    The process of exposing water to magnetic fields to revitalize and purify, is not new. Ancient Romans were among the first to utilize the earth's magnetic properties with their aqua ducts built to purify and revitalize water.

       More recent innovators of magnetic therapies and uses, including Johann Grander , a student of Viktor Schauberger, Professor Lin of the Israel Institute of Technology and Walter Rawls, Jr. PhD.of Bio-Magnetics Systems have confirmed the health benefits of many treatments. The addition of beneficial frequencies to change the molecular structure of water leaves it with more vitality. The magnetic effect serves to reduce the surface tension of the water by breaking ionically neutral calcium carbonate clumps into magnetically charged ions of calcium and carbonate. This helps free the water surface of precipitate, making it less dense (wetter). In addition, it places the dissolved minerals in a state that prevents precipitation to form as hard scale.

     In a 1973 study for the U.S. Airforce, magnetically treated water kept scale from forming on heated surfaces. Since then, magnetic scale control has been successfully used by hundreds of U.S. corporations including NASA, GM, Boeing, Bethleham Steel, General Electric and Trump Towers. Water with reduced surface tension acts more like naturally soft rain water; restoring its capability to once again function as a universal solvent.

    Of the many scientists who have studied and tested magnetic water treatments, Dr. Gerhard Pioch , an Austrian researcher, reported that residues from poisonous chemicals, heavy metals and harmful substances in the human body, most commonly, are of negative polarity and are not eliminated from the body. In using magnetically treated water, Dr. Pioch discovered that chemical wastes in the body were washed out by the treatments. Contaminants deposited into the body, such as medications, fertilizers, food-borne chemicals, pesticides (including traces of DDT) and heavy metals are neutralized by the magnetized water treatments.

    In summary, water has the ability to assimilate the properties of other things, so too can water become magnetized, providing a beneficial effect for almost any ailment, especially disorders of the digestive, nervous, cardiovascular and urinary systems.

      According to creative and visionary Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto, Water has a very important message for us. Water is telling us to take a much deeper look at our selves. When we do look at our selves through the mirror of water, the message becomes crystal clear. We know that human life is directly connected to the quality of our water, both within and all around us.

There are No Substitutions
    Drinking water is of vital importance for all bodily processes and functions. People who do not drink enough water, or the right kind of water, allow for accumulation of waste in their cells and blood vessels which speeds up the occurrence of disease and illness. If you replace water with other beverages such as soft drinks, coffee, tea, and alcohol, which are all forms of diruetics, you will urinate more frequently than normal, creating a general state of dehydration, resulting in urinary tract infections and cellular damage.

      These poor substitutes cause the body to become more thirsty so the body is literally dying of thirst, begging for water. When you don't have enough water in your body, cells start to draw water from the bloodstream. The blood gets sludgy, your heart has to work harder, and your body starts to redirect blood away from less vital areas. When you begin to feel thirsty, your body is already 40% dehydrated! This dehydration puts a great strain on the kidneys and impairs their vital function of purifying the blood and helping rid the body of toxins.

    Your body needs constant water replenishment to maintain optimum health, keep a clear mind, and maintain a good balance within your tissues. Vibrant Vital Water is refreshing; its cool, calming effect revives and strengthens our body with no harmful side effects. The standard recommendation is to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses per day. Active individuals and athletes require even more daily water consumption. Some professionals recommend that you drink as many ounces of water as half your body weight in pounds. Example: a 250 lb person would need to drink 125 ounces of water daily!

Health benefits of "Vibrant Vital Water"
    First you will notice the distinctive taste difference in your tap, purified or filtered water! Vibrant Vital Water is softer and sweeter! Drinking Vibrant Vital Water daily helps to improve digestion, and increase appetite, while reducing body fat cells and excess acids and bile. It speeds up the metabolism, which allows for proper healing function by flushing foreign waste matter from the system, and balancing the body. It helps women regulate their menses. It is said to clear clogged arteries, normalize the circulatory system, lower cholesterol and regulate functions of the heart. Drinking Vibrant Vital Water aids in the rapid transport of nutrients, enzymes and proteins into the cells for optimum utilization by the body. Vibrant Vital Water revitalizes and improves hydration of cells and organs, and supports the immune system by increasing cellular oxygenation.

  These improvements may result in:

    • Renewed energy and stamina. (Zeta Potentials)
    • Renewed hydration & quenched thirst.
    • Regular, normal bowel function.
    • Detoxification of impurities in the body.
    • Weight loss through proper elimination.
    • Regulated heart rate and blood pressure.
    • Smoother ,softer skin, stronger nails, lusterous hair.
    • Fewer colds, flu and viral illnesses.
    • Enhancing the body's auric energy field.
    • Reduced bloating and water retention.
    • Raised pH factor in the water.

    As with all homeopathic or naturopathic approaches to healing and wellness, the degree of health improvement is based on your individualized cellular system, your personal lifestyle and habits, and any existing health conditions or diseases. We here at Vibrant Vital Water have personal experience, and are convinced that Vibrant Vital Water is one of the safest and most effective roads to lasting wellness. We do not suggest that this energizing system will perform any miracles in your personal healing process. It can, however, guide you to a lifestyle that will support and strengthen medical treatment and possibly make future care unnecessary.

    Protocols you and your health care practitioner have established should by all means be maintained. Share this with your doctor, your family, your friends, and all those that support you on your personal healing path.