A Bentonite Detox is a Healthy, Efffective Cleanse

A BENTONITE DETOX is very effective for pulling out suspended impurities from the body as bentonite clay has potent magnetic attraction qualities. When taken internally, clay water or liquid bentonite supports the digestive system in the elimination of body toxins.It attracts up to forty times its weight and passes through the body, intact, eliminating toxic materials through elimination.

It helps to prevent increase in parasites and pathogenic organisms. By drawing toxins out of the body, clay can help create an environment that is beneficial for the body to rebuild healthy tissue. It also can be used as a remedy for diarrhea as it attracts irritants in the gastrointestinal tract, binding the stools eliminating the toxic substances through evacuation.

Use for bentonite clay has been effective for cellulite in fatty tissue, lymph congestion, and reducing toxicity as a result of environmental pollutants as well as when following a blood cleanse detox program. It is often used for heavy metal poisoning, as an antidote.