ABENTONITE DETOX is very effective for pulling out suspended impurities from the body as bentonite clay has potent magnetic attraction qualities. When taken internally, clay water or liquid bentonite supports the digestive system in the elimination of body toxins. It attracts up to forty times its weight and passes through the body, intact, eliminating toxic materials through elimination.


A new study has found that the protective shield fluoride forms on teeth is up to 100 times thinner than previously believed. This raises questions about how this renowned cavity-fighter really works.


Paul Connett, co-author of the book, The Case Against Fluoride, is joined by his wife, Ellen, webmaster of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), and Tara Blank, PhD, Science Liason Officer for FAN, in authoring this article on fluoride and the brain. Together they have recently provided an extensive commentary to the EPA's Office of Drinking water in response to its proposed safe reference dose for fluoride.

In an ongoing effort to determine which chemicals may damage the developing brain, scientists from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently conducted an extensive literature review of over 400 chemicals, including fluoride.

n the nineteenth century, colloidal silver -- also known as Argentum colloidale, Argentum crede and collargolum -- was a prominent treatment for everything from colds to skin infections. In the 1940s, the FDA began its decades-long oppression of medicinal silver under the guise that it was unsafe; however, in reality, the FDA banned silver because of the threat it poses to the antibiotics industry, rather than any threat it poses for your body. Some countries completely dissagree with the FDA
With (4) 4,000 gauss magnets, approximately
18,000 surface gauss of magnetic power per Energizer. The housing material is now made of 'medical grade plastic' which is now larger in circumference and is now longer. Percision changes have been made to the device to create a faster vortex spin. The shape of the housing is now based more on sacred geometry and the new arrangement of magnets are setting up a more healing frequency in the water. Randy has discovered that the size and the shape of the opening that the water passes through is very important. With the new improved design it is now funnel shaped, with a smaller opening which changes the speed and resonance vortex.

Dr. Mary Newport watched her retired accountant husband succumb to Alzheimer’s. Drugs did not stop his condition worsening. He scored 14:30 on the MMSR test which indicates severe dementia, and an MRI showed damage and shrinkage in his brain lobes, with little short term memory.


MCT’s (Medium Chain Triglycerides) is the prime type of fat found in coconut oil, and a 2004 study shows just one 40ml dose immediately improved cognitive functions in those suffering memory disorders.