Hydrated Bentonite


Bentonite (also known as montmorillonite) is a natural clay mineral of volcanic origin, created from volcanic ash deposits that are millions of years old.  Historically, bentonite clay has been used for centuries as a natural and effective internal cleanser.  Bentonite consist of microscopic rectangular clay platelets, that when properly hydrated in water, form a porous structure with an enormous surface area. One tablespoon in solution will cover up to 900 square metres!


Bentonite provides strong detoxification in the digestive tract, with the ability to bind herbicides, viruses and other potentially harmful substances by adsorbent action.  It is not digested, nor is it absorbed into the bloodstream. 
Bentonite’s mechanism of action is physical, due to its colloidal structure and charged particles, which allow it to bind with toxins in the stomach, small intestine and colon.  Since toxins are bound to the bentonite, they are excreted from the body when the bentonite is eliminated through bowel movements.


Our bentonite has maximum purity, is food grade and New Zealand is sourced. 
Supa Health Bentonite is specially formulated to provide the maximum benefit of bentonite.  It has maximum activity through special selection and processing to ensure an enhanced surface area and optimum adsorption.  Studies have shown that maximum binding and removal of toxins occurs with our naturally occurring sodium ion form of bentonite containing a specific range of exchangeable sodium ions.


For short-term use, such as food poisoning, take 1 table spoonful with liquid everyday on an empty stomach. Drink additional fluid during the day. For normal health take one table spoon in a large glass of water once a month.
For serious conditions, consult a health professional before use. In case of intestinal discomfort during use, reduce amount used or discontinue usage.
Bentonite has an unusual property you will notice when you open the jar.  After complete hydration it becomes very thick and viscous when it sits for a while. If shaken or stirred, the bentonite can be poured. It will become thick once again if allowed to sit undisturbed. If it becomes too thick just add in a little spring water. 
This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Nutritional supplement for internal cleansing.

$14.00 NZD


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