Chlorine Free Shower Filter - Replacement Filter

Improve your health by eliminating chlorine from your shower water.

You take care to drink chlorine free water but the biggest source of chlorine poisoning to your body is the 100-200 litres of water you shower with every day.
We used to water our garden with city (chlorinated) water until we worked out all the worms had died and the plants were just managing to survive. 
We placed a swimming pool filter on the outside hose tap and now our garden soil is full of worms and the garden plants are healthier.  
We also once filled our goldfish bowl with the same city water and killed all my goldfish!


Now there is a solution with our simple in line water filter with a filter life of 50,000 litres that is about 400 showers. That’s well over a years worth of showers from one filter.  Then it’s a simple matter of inserting a new replacement filter in the filter body.
In addition the filter contains a ferrite magnet for water softening, so not only is the water chlorine free but also noticeably softer.
The filter unit is easy to install as it comes with simple screw on water filter.

Chlorine Free Shower Filter - Replacement Filter

$45.00 NZD